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One of the central purposes of the Byng Excellence in Education Foundation is to support and improve the quality of education at Byng Public Schools. BEEF is able to offer support through the distribution of classroom grants directly to district teachers. These grants allow teachers to implement new and innovative ideas in their classrooms. 

2021-2022 B.E.E.F. Teacher Grant award recipients (1).JPG
BEEF Grant Recipients

Founded in 2003, the Byng Excellence in Education Foundation is dedicated to supporting excellence in education for students and educators at Byng Public Schools while improving private sector relationships and community support. We continue to be devoted in providing direct financial support and resources in any way possible, including student scholarships, teacher grants and other worthy projects. Our foundation recently awarded 12 teacher grants totaling $9,578.24 to teachers at Byng High School, Byng Junior High, Francis Elementary & Homer Elementary. Our classroom grant program awards teachers who have the most innovative and unique ideas for implementation in the classroom in order to enrich the learning experience. This year's grant recipients and their projects are:

Josh Roberson: "Communicate, Coordinate, Compete"–Gaming headsets for the high school e-sports team to use
for daily practices and online competitions against other Oklahoma high schools.
Clint McGaha: "Physics in Real Life"–Hands on demonstration supplies to show physics concepts of color mixing, curvature of space time and mechanical wave interactions.
Ashlee Douglas: "Financial Literary Workship"–Supplies for a daily financial workshop to teach students about
money management as well as financial literary for transitioning to life after high school.
Laura Smith: "Greatest Hits"–Band music from the 1960s to present day to be used for performing at informal
concerts, basketball games, marching shows, pep assemblies, community events and parades.
Kaleb Gordon: "Pirate Makers and Innovators"–STEM class supplies for prototyping with desktop manufacturing
machines to introduce students to the engineering design process.
Geni Fleet and Lisa Nickell: "Sensory for Our Senses"–Pathway exercises to benefit students in areas of sensory
regulation and integration to promote focus and developmental needs for stimulation, movement and coordination.
Andrea Boyd and Heather Messinger: "Indoor Sensory Paths in School"–Indoor sensory path with a series of
guided movements which have physical, learning and mindfulness elements and to help students who experience high levels of frustration, anger or sensory overload.
Sabrina Brown and Laura Presley: "Pre-K Can Dig It"–Sandbox used as a large sensory bin to bury letters,
numbers, shapes and colors to help make uncovering concepts fun while working on fine motor skills.
Brenda Roberts: "Oh No! My Students Have Gaps! Now What?"–Curriculum tools to provide a new, innovative
way to open students’ eyes to reading through Reader’s Theater, BINGO Reading Comprehension, diversity and
inclusion writing prompts.
Tina Williamson and Jayci Harris: "Cooking Up A Caring School"–Books which address a wide variety of
behavior standard topics such as health, hygiene, behavior, interactions and communication to guide educators in behavior and social skills instruction.
Lyndsey East and Rachel Barnes: "Making ‘Sense’ of Reading"–Multi-sensory items used to engage students’
visual, kinesthetic and auditory processors and help strengthen brain pathways while learning to read.
Kristi Stanberry: "Fine Motor Fun"–Area rug, games and activity sets used to increase fine motor skills through
developmentally appropriate play.

In addition to our Facebook page, you can find information and updates, make donations or contact us by visiting our website:







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