One of the central purposes of the Byng Excellence in Education Foundation is to support and improve the quality of education at Byng Public Schools. BEEF is able to offer support through the distribution of classroom grants directly to district teachers. These grants allow teachers to implement new and innovative ideas in their classrooms. 

2018 - 2019 
BEEF Grant Recipients

The Byng Excellence in Education Foundation awarded grants totaling over $11,500 to 16 teachers.  The teachers and their grants to assist students to achieve their goals are as follows:
  • Lisa Shores- "Can You Hear Me Now?" provides 60 headphones for use in the computer lab to allow students to stay focused and to assist the teacher in monitoring the students' progress.  The Homer PTO will donate 60 additional headphones to accommodate computers in two labs.
  • Melissa Coates-"Staff Wars" allows students to have individual music staff dry erase boards that enable the teacher to give prompt feedback to the students and to share with another music teacher.
  • Josh Roberson-"Trip to Osteology Museum at OKC" will help the students with medical interest to work in groups for a scavenger hunt where they will have an opportunity to put their study of human bones to work in a crime scene scenario.
  • Laura Presley and Sabrina Bond-"Alphabet Antics" involves Pre-K students using tennis balls in games to learn the alphabet and improve their literacy.
  • Lu Ann Fuller-"Take Reading Wherever You Go" focuses on increasing fluency through the use of interactive fiction and non-fiction e-books that are usable both in the classroom and at home.
  • Rachel Barnes-"Integrated Growth Mindset" uses manipulatives for language and math 'to refine students' fine and gross motor skills to help them develop a growth mindset to succeed.
  • Becky Henderson and Chris Elliott-"Cue the Robots"  requires students to work in teams to learn coding to operate robots, which in turn challenges their imagination.
  • Gracie Nail and Lolly Cole-"Joy of Learning" utilizes students' social, sensory, and motor skills to work with puppets to create videos and use Chatter Pix with iPods for sharing with parents.
  • Kristi Stanberry and Truly Nipps-"BrainStem" helps students to require less assistance through the use of vestibular, proprioceptive motor and sensory labs.
  • Tammy Hall-"Variquest System Software" will update the Poster Maker used for graphics, posters, and award templates. This software will benefit the entire staff at Francis School.  
  • Laura Smith-"Beatin' Our Way to the Top, Part I" provides funds to purchase percussion  equipment for students to expand their solos and ensembles for contests.
  • Jessie Milam-"Beatin' Our Way to the Top, Part II" fills the need for music stands and covers for instruments.
  • Angela Streater-"Behind the Lens" requires students to research cultural and historical topics and then to develop short video documentaries.