Mr. Marvin Stokes

In 2003, the late Mr. Marvin Stokes, retired Byng Public Schools Superintendent, brought together a group of local business and community leaders with the common goal of enhancing academic excellence in the Byng Public School System by providing funding not available through public sources. All agreed that private investment and community support was crucial to Byng’s continued success in academic achievement, and it was Mr. Stokes’ sincere belief that, “an investment in our children provides long-term dividends.”

Board Members

Sonya Stokes, President

Carol Williamson, Secretary

Betty Allred

Raeanne Carson

Casidy McMeans

Brandon Tilley

Jamie Whitefield

Advisory Members

Christopher Anoatubby

Campus Liaisons

Cindy Geiger, Byng Elementary

Kaleb Gordon, Byng Junior High

Janel Manuel, Homer

Janice Presley, Francis

Kevin Wilson, Administration

Staci Capps, Administration

Laura Hill, Administration
Michelle Blair, High School

Kelli Butler, Homer